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XDE2 Coin Specification
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NAME: XDE II [AKA DoubleEagle]

Full POS rare coin
POS Interest: 300%
Min Stake Age: 4hrs
Max Stake Age: 28 days
Cost of 1 Masternode: 500 XDE2. Wallet allows for unlimited Masternodes.

XDE@-Coin Real World USE

1.  "The massive marketing machine" is to primarily to give the opportunity to those to earn coin that has strong value ($2.21) a coin to anyone willing to participate (Member or higher).
2. Those that see the enormous potential of XDE2 will buy in raising the price.
3. Customers that will purchase XDE2 to get the "Massive Marketing machine" packages for their coin or to promote their projects. It could be they want to to promote their blockchain service, or their coin or their new exchange or anything Crypto related thats ethical. No no shitcoins will be accepted at any price. You, or your project must be very established.

he way it will work is I will set flat rate prices for marketing packages, the funds will be sent to the community wallet in the form of XDE2 , so everyone can clearly and easily track it.
When the project is complete, rewards will be paid out of the community to the workers, for the work on that project in the form of XDE2. We will only focus on 1 project at a time until its term is finished.
So as you can see, this is a win win win project. Its not designed to hurt anyone, and in fact gives the opportunity to those that would like to earn some good money in Crypto if they are willing to participate. I will NEVER accept a project from a newbie dev that is unknown. Only established, respected devs will be allowed to buy marketing packages from me. I will be the final decision maker on who I accept, and I will be stringent. The short is, you must have a clean name in the community, and well respected. Banzai is a perfect example, I will market anything and everything for him, as what I choose to market says a lot about me, and the XDE2 community and Banzai is a great example of our target customer.

XDE2 Exchanges
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XDE2 Wallets

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1. Create a new address -> Receive -> New Address
2. Send exactly 500 XDE2 to your new address and copy and paste the TX hash in notepad app.
3. Wait for 30 confirmations
4. Open Help -> Debug window -> Tab console
5. Type "masternode outputs" and copy and paste down the output in notepad
6. Type "masternode genkey" and copy and paste down the output
7. Menu Masternodes -> Button Create
8. Alias: Name of the masternode (can be anything)
9. Address: Public ip address and port, use for example "123.456.789.123:62884" (You can find your IP address here: https://seostation.xyz/my-ip-address
10. PrivKey: The output of the "masternode genkey" command (step 6)
11. TxHash: The left hand side of the output of "masternode outputs" (step 5)
12. Output Index: The right hand side of the output of "masternode outputs" (step 5). Its usually just 0. Just type 0 if you dont know.

masternode outputs example: {159eea4303125de0a60fbce8d362778cfe915166d42de1339d9bc79523d9e9a8" : "0" } The left hand side is the TxHash "159eea4303125de0a60fbce8d362778cfe915166d42de1339d9bc79523d9e9a8" and the right hand side is 0 (zero)

Make sure port 62884 is forwarded in your router to your computer. Example 192.168.1.XX and that you firewall (like Windows Firewall) accepts connection on this port.


Many have said, its THE most beautiful wallet, ever in Crypto, do you agree?

Masternode setup
XDE2 Team members

This will be the team that will run XDE II with intensity and dedication like you've never seen

Team leader,OP,financial analyst

Highly skilled financial Analyst, and bookkeeper, XDE2 weekly distributor

Lead dev